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As an example, a similar laboratory in USA. In the acute stage of the disease, the most sensitive diagnostic method is the head rotation anastrozole. It is also called the Halmagi test. This test is believed to be 82% accurate in diagnosing vestibular neuronitis. The MRI method allows to exclude intracranial pathologies. Of particular importance is differential diagnosis, since vestibular neuronitis has similar symptoms with migraine, specific vertebral artery syndrome, Meniere's disease. What is vestibular neuronitis.

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Vestibular neuronitis is a pathology of the vestibular apparatus and the second most common cause of systemic dizziness. The disease occurs in 4 people per 100 thousand of the population. Most often, people of working age get sick. Although the pathology is reversible, acute vestibular neuronitis is the cause of disability. In clinical practice, doctors often make the wrong diagnosis: the disease debuts with acute vegetative symptoms. Therefore, the diagnosis tends to affect the subcortical structures of the brain or cerebellum.

The specialty is quite rare in ordinary clinics. However, in large cities there are specialized laboratories that deal with this area.

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The causes and mechanisms of the development of this disease are not fully understood. Researchers suggest that the disease comes from a virus - viral neuronitis. In most people, the herpes simplex virus of the first type lives latently - it does not manifest itself clinically. Researchers attribute the development of the disease to the reactivation of the herpes virus, which penetrates the vestibular apparatus. There occurs inflammation and swelling, the conduction of nerve impulses is disturbed.

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The viral theory is supported by the fact that vestibular neuronitis often develops in patients who have recently had viral diseases: hepatitis A, influenza virus, adenovirus, cytomegalovirus, and Epstein-Barr virus. Their epidemic falls in the spring and early summer. In favor of arimidex origin analyzes testify. In the cerebrospinal fluid, the level of protein increases, DNA and RNA of the herpes simplex virus are detected in the vestibular ganglia (in 2/3 of patients). The structure of tissues resembles those in the defeat of the vestibular system with herpes zoster.

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The mechanism of the development of the disease is the defeat of the upper parts of the vestibular nerve, which transmits nerve impulses to the horizontal and anterior semicircular canals, the uterus and the sac of the vestibule. As a result, the function of the posterior semicircular canal is impaired, therefore, for vestibular neuronitis, the defeat of the entire labyrinth, but only one part of it, is uncharacteristic.

Acute symptoms of vestibular neuronitis occur due to an imbalance between the affected labyrinth on the one hand and the whole labyrinth on the other. This is the disunity of information, as a result of which the two hemispheres of the brain receive different information from the environment. From the affected labyrinth, information about sharp turns of the head comes to the central nervous system, when information from the whole labyrinth is perceived adequately. Because of this, severe bouts of dizziness occur.


On the other hand, treatment with antiviral drugs is ineffective and does not affect the progression of the disease, so the nature of the disease is not completely clear.